From zero to hero in planning terms

JCA Team:
David Rhodes BSc (Hons) BArch (Wales) RIBA
Senior Architectural Designer: 
James Curl BA (Hons) Dip Arch
Project Design Team:
Project Manager: 
Corrigan Streert Ltd
Main contractor: 
R Moulding & Co Ltd
Structural engineers: 
Corrigan Streert Ltd
Project type:
Remodelling & Barn conversion
Project year: 2019
Photographer: J Moulding & Co Ltd

With extensive remodelling and additions , our clients' Grade II house has finally become a wonderful home.

The outcome however was never certain as a couple of previous architects had initiated work without proper building consents and had generally upset the planners and project manager as well as the construction company R Moulding & Co Ltd.

Having worked with Mouldings in the past, they recommended us to the client as a firm that knew how to work with complex listed buildings and could likely get things back on track.

The large attached listed barn was the most extensive project in that it had to be completely dismantled with the beams numbered and repaired for correct reinstallation. A previous architect had detailed that the rotted lower sections be cut off and substituted with concrete supports which might have been acceptable for an agricultural out-of-the-way barn, but not for something you wanted to live in.

Our solution was to attach matching oak using an old carpenter's technique called scissor splicing which creates a strong structure that also resists torque for as close to as invisible, but authentic mend as possible.

It wasn't just a barn raising job however as we and the client took the opportunity to combine the old with some extensive and exciting new architecture to make the barn far more practical and exciting.

The new thatched roof was combined with a complimentary zinc roofed and timber extension with integrated hidden features such as door and window openings with one side open to, and integrating with the garden.

The main house work included a new roof, much repair and restoration of the building's details such as staircases and mouldings as well as the relaying of the floors using pre-aged oak boards.

With us as the new architects on-board, we have been fortunated to have been able to pacify all parties, gain the proper consents and delight our client.