An extension to connect a house with its garden

JCA Team:
David Rhodes BSc (Hons) BArch (Wales) RIBA
Project type:
Project year: 2020
Photographer: William Pearce
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Our client was looking for a modern way to connect the house with the garden, but at the same time retain the classic feel of the house.

The answer was to extend the living room and dining areas into a new, but seemingly conventional orangery.

The difference of course was to avoid conventionally framed windows and instead build massive single-pane doors that fully opened up onto a new terrace and provided uninterrupted views over the garden as well as easy access to it.

The trick with these kinds of extensions is to make them feel intergral to the original structure and not some kind of alien bolted-on feature. This is equally true from the inside as well as the outside where there should be a seemless flow without inpediment from the existing to the new and even beyond.