A modest requirement becomes a magical task

JCA Team:
Rory Duncan
Project Design Team:
Johnston Cave Associates 
(Architects & lead designers) 
Bermingham Consulting Ltd 
(Structural Engineers) 
Prime Construction Consulting Ltd 
(Approved Inspector) 
Robert Kine 
(Interior design) 

Principal contractor:  
Carlos Oliveira, CMPO
Project type:
Alterations to town house
Project year: 2015
Photographer: William Pearce

It started off with a modest brief; create a large kitchen come family room at the back of a London house with a master bedroom and bathroom above, but ended up with our client wanting some of our magic throughout their house.

Perhaps it was the way we magically took out the substantial chimney through the rear of the house, removed structural walls and rearranged the internal accommodation to better effect and use.

Whatever it was, we worked with the client’s interior designer and became involved with new bathroom and bedroom arrangements, new openings for windows and doors and repairs to damaged and decayed fabric.

The new kitchen/family room is now a large room that takes full advantage of the available light and view. To our client’s delight and through clever use of space, we were able to maintain vital back-of-house areas such as cloakrooms and laundry rooms as well as providing access to the rear courtyard. 

We were also able to maintain good relations with the neighbours throughout the building work despite their close proximity. 

Perhaps that was the truly magical part.