Turning the brief on its head pays dividends for our client

JCA Team:
Rory Duncan, Claire Smith
Project Design Team:
Johnston Cave Associates 
Louise Richardson 
(Quantity Surveyor) 
Michael Hammond Associates 
(Structural Engineers) 
Jaine McCormack 
(Soft Furnishings/Decorations)

Principal contractor: 
Goran Pavlov
Project type:
Alterations and refurbishment
Thame, Oxfordshire
Project year: 2014
Photographer: William Pearce

It was a straight-forward brief ; refurbish and improve the facilities on the ground floor of a very nice town house, potentially extend the sitting room and possibly add a conservatory. Oh, and while we were at it, could we do something about the upstairs bathrooms.

We quickly saw why our client wanted us to ‘do something about the upstairs bathrooms’ because they didn’t really serve the bedrooms and it was always a furtive trip down the hall to reach them. 

It was obvious that a better layout was required and one that provided for a great deal more privacy and comfort. 

The better layout required a bold plan; rip out the existing corridor, punch new openings in internal structural walls, overhaul the room layouts, construct new partitions and create a new master bedroom with adjacent dressing room and en-suite bathroom as well as provide all-new showers and bathroom fittings for both bathrooms. 

Our proposal also meant that we could provide additional bedroom and improved loft storage space. 

Our clients were surprised to say the least, but instantly saw the merits of the scheme and turned their brief on its head. We were to go ahead with the first floor and consider the ground floor as phase II. 

By the time the work was completed our bold plan didn’t seem so bold as the new layout was just so right and the house appeared to have always been that way. 

A great compliment after daring to turn a commission upside down.