An old church required some careful handling

JCA Team:
Nigel Hammett RIBA SCA
Project type:
Conservation and Repairs

When you are looking after something that is 700 years old you need to be sure you entrust it to a safe pair of hands.

Nigel Hammett RIBA SCA is one of our senior accredited architects and is just such a man.

Over the years JCA has worked on a number of Church Conservation and Repair projects caring out Quinquennial Inspections and specifying and supervising repairs to the very highest conservation standards.

The most recent work for St Mary’s Church - a working parish church - entailed the repair and re-roofing of the Tower which had been last rebuilt in the 16th or 17th Century.

The project included the extensive repair of the timber structure using large sections of air dried oak and traditional carpentry jointing and framing methods. The upper parapet was dismantled, the hollow core of the wall was grouted and where possible the original parapet stones were re-installed using lime-based materials.

The Tower should now be good for another few hundred years.