Getting a contractor on-board pays dividends

JCA Team:

Chris Lawler, Suliman Chand & Adrian Dadswell

Project Design Team:

Johnston Cave Associates (Architects)

Principal contractor:

Classic Builders Ltd

Project type:

Refurbishment & Extension

Project year: 2014

Some of our smaller projects reinforce some of the most valuable lessons.

In this case we were asked to improve the layout of an Oxfordshire cottage. We came up with a plan to rationalise the internal circulation, improve the main entrance, kitchen and landscaping, and increase the accommodation.

We achieved this and more by building an additional ground floor bedroom & shower room which allowed for a first floor shower room and then re-decorated and refreshed the house - all without losing the historical aesthetic.

To meet smaller budgets the temptation is often to streamline or at worst skip altogether the disciplines employed on larger projects. Inevitably this leads to cost overruns as the most efficient path is not planned at the outset. It also usually leads to incomplete tendering and things often go wrong during the build.

At Johnston Cave Associates, this is a road we refuse to take.

Our task was to double-down on contractor monitoring, point out the benefits of and absolute requirement to follow our plans, detailed schedules and project protocols and quickly get things put right, with minimal stress for the client. It also meant helping the contractor to provide a programme of works and adhere to it.

We worked closely with our client to find suitable materials, fixtures and fittings to bring out the best of the property and to and achieve their goals of comfort and the aesthetic look they were after.