A bridge that formed bridges

JCA Team:
Architect - Nigel Hammett
Project Design Team:
Johnston Cave Associates Principle contractor: Campbells
Project type:
A new pedestrian bridge on private land
Project year: 2012

Everyone likes a challenge, but this challenged not just our design and technical skills, but also our diplomatic skills.

Our client wanted a way to securely connect their swimming pool terrace with their orchard and paddocks. The problem was that there was a private lane and a Public Right of Way between the two. Their suggestion was a footbridge.

To minimise the visual impact of the rural situation, we used oak; a natural material that is not only strong and durable, but also mellows with age and over time would become a part of the landscape. We also made sure that the design was carefully conceived from a structural point of view and also looked good from all angles - especially from below where the public would pass. 

To win over the locals and the planners, we created a full-size mockup using balloons to show the impact on the landscape. 

Today the bridge blends successfully with the local landscape and garden, securely bridging both sides of the property and has retained good relations with the locals. It demonstrates that the challenge of architecture is not just to solve logical construction problems, but also to satisfy the emotions.