A new entrance provided the key to a far better layout

JCA Team:
Nigel Hammett RIBA SCA
Project Design Team:
Johnston Cave Associates (Architects)
Joanna Wood (Interior designer)
Project type:
Project year: 2009

Our clients’ wanted to improve the layout, circulation and facilities of the Cotswold property they had just bought.

The main challenge was to re-organise the circulation of the first floor.

We quickly realised however that nothing was going to work without a proper entrance which the house lacked. Our solution was to create an elegant octagonal entrance lobby to the side of the house and replace the main staircase that now led off it.

Working with interior designer Joanna Wood, we were able to create a home with modern bathrooms and kitchen all within a carefully repaired exterior.

In addition we were asked to design and build a pool pavilion and carry out repairs to the existing outbuildings.