An unlikely theory becomes brilliant reality

JCA Team:

Peter Cave & Michael Clark

Project Design Team:
Johnston Cave Associates (Architects)
Project type:

New cottage and library

Project year: 2013

Our client acquired his next door property comprising a rather ungainly 1960’s building with an attached 19th century brick cottage.

His idea was that he could incorporate the new property with his existing property, restore the 19th century cottage and demolish the 1960’s building and in doing so, be free to build a cottage within his original garden.

It appeared wonderful in theory, but the reality was somewhat different.

Not only was his existing house Grade II listed and as such would have restrictions to what could be built within its curtilage, but also the lane that divided the two properties did not appear to belong to him.

Johnston Cave Associates stepped into the breech.

With our knowledge and experience of planning regulations and planner’s concerns - coupled to our understanding of historic buildings, we were not only able to win the planners over for this unlikely scheme, but were also able to gain approval for a timber framed barn and a further detached garage for the cottage.

It just left the ‘simple’ matter of taking ownership of the lane.

This was accomplished by demonstrating to the land Registry that as the lane had been for the sole use of the two properties and was not in fact owned by anyone else - it therefor belonged to our client.

With planning approval in our client’s pocket, we established a new drive from the lane leading to a new ‘New England’ style cottage that replaced the ungainly 1960’s building. The 19th century brick cottage was restored and a new terrace and pond was established to connect it to the main building.

The result was that the unlikely theory as to what could be accomplished came true; an attractive and very comfortable three bedroom guest cottage designed to the latest insulation standards and a previously down-at-heel brick cottage that has become a wonderful addition to the the main house and is in use as a library-come-reading-room.