A new barn replaces the old

JCA Team:
Ann Bessay
Project Design Team:
WG Carter (main contractor)
Project type:
New Build/Renovation
Project year: 2001

Our newly married client wanted a spectacular family home and one with plenty of room to entertain in.

A very run-down set of farm buildings with brick sheds looked promising they thought and we were called in.

Potential there undoubtably was. Realising it was a different matter.

Knowing that barns seem to bring a nostalgic tear to planner's eyes, we prepared a strong case for what was to all intents and purposes a demolition and rebuild job.

It's not something planners and heritage bodies want to hear, but in this case they could see there was little alternative and understanding our track record in conservation, they could see that we would preserve and repair anything that was possible to repair and conserve.

Their main proviso was that we had to make do with the existing openings rather than cut the fabric for new windows.

With such a large building to work with, we were able to rebuild within the existing framework to create what was essentially a modern buidling on two levels plus gallieries. The end result was a three bedroom and bathroom house with a massive sitting come entertaing room, a huge kitchen on the lower floor with storage and pantry. We also turned the brick sheds into very useful anciliary accommodation.

Naturally we saved as many of the timber beams as woodworm and rot would allow and reused all the existing stone.

The end result delighted the newly-weds and celebrations could commence in full swing.