A Victorian house gets a welcome revival

JCA Team:
Johnston Cave Associates
Project type:
Renovation and extension
Project year: 2005

When our client returned from the Far East to take over the family house, she determined that it was due "a fifty-year service."

The plans were worked and reworked over two years, but try as they may, there was simply no alternative to build on - despite the size of the house.

The three story extension included a dining room, kitchen and pantry - all within walking distance of each other and a revalation compared to the original.

Two bedrooms that were lost in the renovations to make way for en-suite bathrooms, were replaced in the new building. Dark spaces were opened up and a passage was made between the old and new.

The house also had its quirks. A strange tiny spiral staircase went straight into the drawing room and you had to go though catacombs to find the stairs into the old part of the house. Meanwhile a beautiful staircase had been turned into a box room and the hall into a sitting room.

Needless to say, this was all put back to the original in the renovation.