A pad fit for a bachelor

Project Design Team:
Johnston Cave Associates (Architects)
Victoria Weymouth (Interior Design)
Project type:
Refurbishment, extension and basement
Project year: 1982

At only 4 metres wide , our client wanted to convert his disused warehouse into a bachellor pad, posed quite a challenge.

He was after the usual domestic accommodation plus garage, lift, staff accommodation, sauna and a swimming pool!

Planning permission was obtained on the proviso that the exterior remained looking like a warehouse and that it only showed three levels.

A major challenge was creating the basement for the swimming pool as there was only 10 metres to dig before hitting the Circle Line. Another was the lack of garden which meant that as opening windows are not allowed in boundary walls, any windows to the rear could not open. They also had to be of frosted glass, fireproofed and sealed shut.

All of which was unacceptable.

Our solution to the basement was obviouslly to ensure the specialist basement crew only dug so far. And with a bit of lateral thinking, we created a narrow outside rear area which the windows could open out on, solving the problem of being hermatically sealed in.

Although essentially one room room wide, we still managed to fit the swimming pool, sauna and plant room in the basement, the garage and staff accommodation on the ground floor, the main reception room on the first floor with a split-level leading to the dining room beyond and a mezzanine kitchen.

Upstairs was the bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

We even found space for a sun room and the lift which all made for the perfect bachelor pad.