Nature's bounty enhances any home

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A range of projects where we've helped our client's homes integrate with the landscape and reflect their personalities and needs

A home is more than the sum of its exterior walls. It's also how it sits within the landscape.

This is as important for a town house as it is for a country house. The careful consideration of the approach to the property is important in all cases. The material choices, the landscaping and planting are paramount as they frame the property, set expectations and draw your visitors in.

For other areas, careful landscaping softens construction, enhances beauty and provides respite from every day hustle.

Good architecture always wants to take advantage of nature's bounty and should look to provide easy access and views over its every-changing moods.

Here is a selection of our projects where we've worked closely with some of the country's leading landscape designers and gardeners to provide our design structure with exciting planting.