A repurposed coach house

Project Design Team:
Chris Lawler
Project year: 2001

The coach house lay within the grounds of the manor house and had been used as as staff cottages.

With the prospect of the manor being modernised, our client needed somewhere to live and although in a very bad state of repair, we showed that the coach house had very definite possibilities.

It did require gutting completely to turn three cottages into one.

By removing internal walls we were able to use the full width of the house to provide a far more airy space and still managed to find room for a separate staff cottage at one end.

To break up the linear space, we created a bay in the sitting room designed to flood light into the whole room.

An open staircase led upstairs to a book-lined library landing with doors off to the master and secondary bedroom. The secondary bedroom picked up on the landing library theme and had a hidden access to the rear staircase through the bedroom bookcase.

Exterior terracing completed the picture and the result was a very comfortable cottage away from the upheavals at the manor.